Osiris 75


Two more poems from my series, In a Form of Suspension, have recently appeared in the wonderful print magazine OSIRIS, edited by Andrea Moorhead.  This beautifully produced magazine began in 1972.

Crisp Hallucination

Ah, there’s the incomplete snow

twisting a wheel blood stare down my personal streets again

It strings the wherewithal, the velvet hurt,

my quotable flippant guttural bindings

The moisture of the wind’s solo step

unwinds noon madrigals

and the unbearable drive of a drum repeats the position

A lofty fever releases its familiar touch–

to straggle, to partially lose

and to echo the black friction

My Bearings

I’ve lost that maroon blur, the blush of your dahlias

and my slopes are dropping back

I see bees reeling in a chill caused by the white owl

as the ash lady presses glistening antlers into wide shadows

in the midst of an orchestral beam I hear sharp weeping

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Jam, Bargain Booze and Pi


Cliff Yates


They’ve arrived. Copies of Jam. You never know what your book’s going to be like until you hold a copy in your hand.

They arrived yesterday, in fact, but I didn’t get my hands on them until the evening. I got back from Aston University (an RLF Fellowship day) to find one of those notes you get, by the front door: ‘Sorry you were out…’ The good news was I didn’t have to walk to the other side of town to get them (and I’d never have been able to carry them on my bike). They’d been left at a drop-off point, Bargain Booze, just round the corner. I told the bloke what was in the box. ‘I’m not very poetic, I’m afraid,’ he said. ‘It’s OK, I’m not either.’

Also yesterday, I had another poem from Jam published online in International Times, ‘Dog-speak’. Jake is really Pi, a Jack Russell that lives…

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The importance of knowing whether you’re coming or going…


We had our first Bahasa Melayu* lesson this week. No, we aren’t fluent yet (I don’t know why not, after all we’ve been here six whole weeks).

But we did learn that there are two phrases for ‘goodbye’.

If you’re the person staying, you say ‘Selamat jalan’ (literally ‘please be safe in your going’).

And if you’re the one who’s leaving, the phrase is ‘Selamat tinggal’ (‘please be safe in your staying’).

Isn’t that nice?

*means ‘Malay Language’. It’s the national language, part of the Austronesian language group. A version (not surprisingly called Bahasa Indonesia) is the official language in Indonesia, but my friend who speaks it well says some words which are perfectly acceptable over there are extremely rude in Melayu…

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100% / Serpents

Twenty-Two B

Very very very short post – so short in fact I had to stick three ‘verys’ into it to pad it out, as well as this explanation which is also now padding it out…

Ok, so my story ‘100% / Serpents’ is now on the brilliant Drunk Monkeys website as I mentioned about a week ago. You can see it by clicking here: 100% / Serpents on Drunk Monkeys.

That’s all really. Step away from the blog, nothing else to see here on the blog.

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Sycronistizing Art

The Pollyanna Principle

Sycronising in Preston

What’s art for? Pushing boundaries and bringing minds and bodies together. It’s so we can share ideas, create, explore, and most importantly it’s so we can question. Question what? Anything and everything. Recently I’ve been going to a little place in Preston, a space to magnetises these qualities, It’s call The Beautiful Planet. The names enough to capture me. And how do we live in a beautiful planet? “With eyes and hearts and questions and quests to find and explore and search and breath and be and see and be still surrounded by synchronistical beings and musical vibrations.”(And that’s not the hemp talking) I bet your wanting some of what I’m on right now so I’m going to give it to you…

Every week on a Sunday at 5:15pm is Hemp Redemption, organised by Katie Ryan, Alexander O’Hara and Sean Zaniboni, who are humble, peaceful, harmonious, vibrant…

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